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Tim Duffy

as Jim

Tim Duffy is a comedian, writer, actor and producer. He has been seen in the plays Safety And Desire and Creedmoore, Texas, heard in the web cartoon Grounded, and appeared having body hair removed on two reality television shows. Tim is also a driving force behind Midevenings with Jay Miller (currently on Staten Island CTV). When not performing stand-up comedy, he is Tweeting and yearning for the approval of strangers.


Casey Jost

as Kenny

Casey Jost is a NYC based comedy performer-writer, who studied improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. In 2010, he was hired as a sketch writer on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. He then relocated to TruTV's Impractical Jokers, as their comedy producer. While writing for Impractical Jokers, Casey and NY director Jodi Lennon developed their own live show called Fooling Around with Casey Jost. He currently performs every week at the UCB Theater.


Kevin Devlin

as Devin

Kevin Devlin is a bartender from Staten Island, NY. In the late aughts/early 10s, he studied improv at the UCB Training Center under personal heroes Curtis Gwinn, Neil Casey, Ryan Karels, Kevin Hines, and other assorted teachers. He has performed improv around NYC with groups Miracle Lays, Pawnukkah, and Poop Slide; however he is world (i.e. Staten Island) known for his work with the 3 man team Mancrush. 


Michaelangelo Muñiz

as El Jefe

Michaelangelo Muñiz is a fan of pro wrestling and The Smiths. Inspired by wrestling enthusiast Andy Kaufman, he was known in the Staten Island, NY based Dog and Pony Show as a performance artist with two alter egos (FLAM and Mickey Lavender). Michaelangelo teamed with photographer Mike Shane to create the comedy/fashion photo series FLAM and the Hot Chick. As Mickey Lavender, he co-hosted the Dog and Pony Cast with Carlo Montagnino.  


Brian Quinn

as Quinn

Brian Quinn is a producer and actor, known for TruTV's Impractical Jokers, and Tell 'Em Steve-Dave Puppet Theatre. He is a member of the comedy troupe The Tenderloins and hosts the the Stitcher award winning podcast What Say You with Sal Vulcano. He co-hosts the weekly podcast Tell 'Em Steve-Dave! with Bryan Johnson and Walter Flanagan. Brian has recently finished the first run of their new sketch comedy show Jokers Wild.